Requesting Trips

The Belleville Rider Portal is where transit riders can sign up, log in, and request rides with the press of a button from their computer or their mobile device.


  1. Once you are logged into the rider portal, you will be directed to the Main Screen reading “No Rides”.
  2. By clicking on the Main Menu (three horizontal lines in the top left of the screen, you can select “New Ride” to begin scheduling a ride.
  3. Once you select “New Ride”, you are prompted with a screen where you can select your “From” and “To” location, passenger count, and time of your trip.
  4. Additionally, you can select your “From” and “To” locations from a geographic map with all station stops/locations rather than typing in the locations manually.
  5. Once you have scheduled a ride, you will be directed back to the Main Screen reading “Scheduled.”
  6. After scheduling a trip, you will be assigned to a vehicle. Once you are assigned, your Main Screen will read “Coming Soon.”
  7. As the vehicle arrives, your Boarding Code will be displayed on your Main Screen. Board the bus and the driver will scan your barcode or board you manually using their tablet.
  8. When you have arrived at your destination, you will have the option to book the same ride again.
  9. You are now ready to book trips using your Transit Rider Portal!