Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use the rider portal?

No. You also have the option to call in and book a trip over the phone.

Where do I download the rider portal?

No download needed. Simply visit and log in to get started. You can use your mobile device or a computer!

Can I book trips for myself and others who are with me?

Yes. When booking a ride, indicate the amount of riders travelling with you. When boarding, you only need to scan once and your entire party can board!

I booked a trip, what do I do now?

Go back to the main screen using the menu on the left to track your existing trip. When the bus is enroute to you, your screen will update automatically. When the bus actually arrives, your screen will update again with a bar code. You are ready to board!

I booked a trip, but I got a detail incorrect, how can I change/update my trip request?

You will need to re-book the trip. Cancel the existing trip by selecting Rides from the menu, selecting the checkbox beside the incorrect ride, and selecting cancel. Once cancelled, book your new ride.